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In this guide we will focus on

We recommend that you read the full guide for easy use of the application. You can move to read about one of the sections above by clicking on any of these blue buttons

We will walk you through Orcas Journey 
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​Receiving and creating an agreement.

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First session preparation and checklist

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Session confirmation and redemption.

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Commitment and quality

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Step 1: 

Receiving and creating an agreement


The parent/learner will send you the request through Orcas application 



Check the request details to know the learner’s grade, school system, area, and the number of booked hours

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Start chatting with the parent/learner to confirm the request details and schedule your first session 

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Create the agreement with the confirmed number of hours and the scheduled start date 

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Step 2: 

First session preparation and checklist 

First session preparation 

✔️ Review the learner’s learning path and arrange your sessions based on the user objectives.

✔️ Reading the learning style report questions will familiarize you with the standards by which you will assess the learner.

✔️ Prepare the lesson material using a variety of teaching techniques so you can grasp the learner’s preferred learning style.

First session checklist 

✔️ Ensure that you arrive on time to the session’s location if the session is offline.

✔️ Use Orcas online classroom if the session is online.

✔️ Enter your session details right after you complete the session

✔️ Agree with the user on the upcoming session date.

Orcas Online Classroom

Orcas online classroom 

Powered by 


✓ No more 40-minute restriction. ⏳
✓ Start your session instantly through the Orcas app. 💻
✓ Switch through different devices without having to leave the session.
✓ Interactive whiteboard & other tools. ✍️
✓ High-quality video and audio. 🎤 🎥

How to use it?

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On Mobile

Select the package for which you want to start an online classroom.
Click on “Start Online Classroom” 

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On Desktop

Head to and click “Log in”. Select “Login as a tutor” and enter your email and password**.   Click “Start an Online Classroom” 

**Use the same email and password as your Orcas Partner account. If you forgot your password, you can reset it using the Orcas Partner app. 

Enter your session details using Orcas learning hub.

Orcas offers a learning experience that allows you to record your sessions in a way that better reflects the work you did with the learners.

Learning Hub

1. What is Orcas Learning Hub? 

Orcas Learning Hub gives visibility to parents who want to be involved and informed in the learning experience. 

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Why use Orcas Learning Hub?


Reflects on the work you did with the learner.


Give parents visibility over learning progress


Enhances better communication with parents.


 Gauge your student’s learning style


Align sessions with your student’s school calendar


Enhance learning between sessions with practice quizzes.

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How to use Orcas Learning Hub?

1. Setting Objectives

After the first session with a new learner, you will log the results of the discussion with the parent and learner of their motivation and need for tutoring on the Orcas app by clicking on  “Enter new session” button from the package details screen. 

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2.  Entering session date and time

After each session, you will log the session details by clicking on “Enter new session “ button.

The session details will include entering
1.  Session date 
2. Start and end time 
3. Leave a comment for the parent/learner. 

You will click the “Continue” button to go to the next screen.

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3.  Entering Lessons & Homework

You will select a lesson from the learning path.




You will add a new lesson that is not available in the learning path manually by scrolling down the learning path.

You will add the objective of the completed lesson 
You can can assign homework from the available quizzes for the learner to solve before the coming session. (If available)

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*NOTE* You can click on the “Add another lesson” button if you want to add more than one lesson in one tutoring sessions and then select the lesson, lesson object homework.

4. Completing the learning style assessment 

After each first session with a new learner, you fill in a Learning Style Assessment

The Learning Style Assessment is a tool that helps you:

1.  Assess the student’s level
2. Get to know the student better
3. Shows the parent that you are aware of their child’s level, preferences, and needs.


You will fill out a new learning style assessment after every 8 completed sessions to update the parent on the learner’s progress.

*Please remember that the Learning Style Assessment is not a substitute for medical advice or as a diagnosis of any learning behavior, health condition, or difficulty.

You start scoring the student according to your observations from the first session where 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest.

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From the tutoring package details screen, you can track the progress of the learning path, the learner’s homework, and all submitted learning style reports in the same view as the user.

Faced a problem with your learner or their parents? 

Let us know by sending a ticket through the Help Center on the app. Our team is here to support you and assist you in any issues you may face. 

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Step 3: 

Session confirmation and earning redemption 

Session Confirmations

To redeem your earnings, the user (parent/student) has to confirm that the sessions took place. 

If a user doesn’t confirm your session within 3 days, the session will be automatically confirmed. For that reason, it is important for you to make sure that your sessions are being recognized on the app. 

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Earning redemption :

Tutors can redeem any completed session as long as the session is confirmed and paid for by the user, even if the session is part of a package that is still in progress.

In order to redeem your earnings, you can select one of the following ways:

1.  Cash
2. Bank account 
3. CIB wallet 


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Step 4: Commitment and quality 

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At Orcas we highly value our tutors as partners in the experience.

Therefore, we want to ensure that while our learners get the best experience, Orcas tutors also work with us in a way that suits their schedule and get high ratings for an increasing hourly rate scale and continuity of requests.

On a weekly basis, Orcas team members monitor the following tutors’ metrics:



Trial Success Rate (TSR) must be at least 60%
TSR is the rate of your 1st sessions that convert to 2nd sessions with new users

The retention Rate (RR) must be at least 50%
RR is a cumulative rate over the year, with unique users that started at some point during the school year but haven’t consumed in the last 45 days (excluding exam packages)

Starting Rate (SR) must be at least 60%
SR is the rate of accepted agreements to started agreements

Acceptance Rate (AR) must be at least 60% 

AR is the rate at which dashboard-received requests are accepted 

Rating (R) must be at least 4.5

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Commitment and Quality
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