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Learning tailored for your child!

✔︎  1-on-1 private tutoring
✔︎ Online or at-home sessions
✔︎ Track your child's progress
✔︎ Tutors in all subjects from KG to Grade 12
✔︎ International school systems (Egypt, KSA, UAE & Kuwait)

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Why Orcas?

Trusted. Accessible. Convenient. 

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Verified reviews

Experienced tutors

Free cancellation

Payment plans and discounts

Secure e-payment option

Easy replacements

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About Orcas

Orcas is a curriculum-based e-learning and tutoring platform backed by careful research, smart technology, and expert educators. 

Our values are shaped by the compassionate and adaptable nature of actual orca whales, who show high emotional and cognitive intelligence levels while working together.  Inspired by their progressive social structure, we created a world-class personalized learning experience designed to empower students in school and life. 

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We help learners grow confidence and unlock potential. 


We help learners build skills to set and achieve goals. 

Our Partners

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