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Tutors that know your curriculum

For international school system students

✔️  1-on-1 private online sessions 

✔️ British System, American System, and more

✔️ For students between KG - Grade 12

✔️ Personalized assessment and lesson plan 
✔️ Monthly progress reports

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starting at
75 AED
per hour

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The Learning Experience

Based on your requirements and your child's learning style, a suitable tutor will be assigned.  

A personalized learning plan is created to reach your objectives (improve language, prepare for an exam or catch up on school work).

You'll see the lessons that will be covered, have access to free practice questions, and track your child's progress throughout the sessions.

After completing a learning style assessment

We tailor a personalized lesson plan based on your child's learning style

Read reviews 

before booking

Before booking a tutor, you'll be able to see their ratings and reviews. This is to ensure quality and help you assess whether a tutor is right for you. You'll also be asked to leave a review once you've completed your package.

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We know how to help your child exceed all academic expectations

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Bassel A.

British & American system

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Hend B.

British & American system

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Mostafa M.

British & American system

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Dina H.

British & American system

Don't worry,

we've been doing this for years

Heading 1

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Free cancellation

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Experienced tutors

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Reviews from parents

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Pay later plans

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Secure e-payments

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Easy replacements

Looking for a tutor?

Fill out the form below and an education consultant will be in touch to help you get started on a personalized learning journey. 

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