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Benefits of Tutoring with Orcas

Why join our pod 


Financial Independence

As an Orcas Partner, the hourly rate varies depending on your experience and qualifications. This means that the more hours you tutor, the higher your rate becomes. Once you have reached a certain amount of experience hours, you will even be able to set your own prices. It might even happen that you get asked to tutor two or three kids at a time, in which case your rate more or less doubles or triples per hour. 

Flexible Hours

We know that you might still be studying, have a full-time job or simply other responsibilities you have to attend to. This will definitely not interfere since you can choose your own working hours. How it works is that a parent will request a certain date and time. Depending on your availability, these can be amended or if it really doesn’t work out, you can decline the request. No need to worry though, this happens all the time and we completely understand. We’ll help you find a request that suits your schedule.  


Working From Home

This isn’t always, but there is the opportunity to tutor via an online platform which means that you will be able to work remotely (from the desk in your room or while on a weekend trip to Sokhna). Parents are the ones that opt for this option and you will have to pass an additional assessment evaluation apart from the mandatory training session. 


How Do Increase My Hourly Rate? 

Almost all of our tutors start at the bronze level unless you have previous teaching experience or so, this can vary. Apart from that, we have a pointing system that grants you different ways in which you can increase your rate.

This includes getting 5 star ratings from parents once you have completed a package.


Helping out other tutors by writing insightful blog posts on our website with tips and tricks. 


Completing more tutoring hours


Where Will I Be Working? 

All our partners work in different locations. Unless you are an Online Tutor, the tutoring primarily takes place in the clients homes. In your application you will be asked in which Zones you would like to work in (Tagamoa, Sheikh Zayed, Maadi… etc).


This better helps us find clients that are close to you and decrease the amount of commuting you have to do. You can of course always alter your zones.