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Get the tutoring support you need and exceed all expectations.

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1:1 effective tutoring sessions
Available in-person or online
Personalized learning plan

Homework help and study improvement 
Specialized tutors for all learning styles

 All school systems in Egypt & Pakistan (K-12)


Read reviews from
15,000+ learners

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Here's how we help you reach your goals

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Learning Style Assessment (FREE).

Get a better understanding of the learner’s learning style and comprehension method to find the best tutor. This helps establish the student’s level and the optimal learning path. 

Personalized Learning Plan (FREE)

Based on your learning style and the goal you want to achieve through the tutoring sessions, a journey will be mapped out. This plan is optimized, tailored, and personalized to the learner’s needs. 

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In-person or Online Tutoring Sessions

Whether the tutoring sessions will take place online, at home, or consist of a combination of the two is completely up to you. Simply select your neighborhood to see the tutors that are available in your area or browse through online tutor profiles.

Practice Games and Questions

Applying newly learned concepts to real-life examples is essential. That’s why all our learners have free access to gamified quizzes that allow them to practice the skills they have acquired while playing with their peers. The learners collect points for each correct answer and achieve high scores, challenge friends and climb up the leaderboard within their school system and grade. 

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Track Improvement & Performance 

You’ll be able to identify the learner’s weaknesses, strengths, and progress. This helps you keep an eye on the areas of improvement and easily recognize where the learner might need additional support.  



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Payment plans

You can easily select the payment plan that you prefer. Options include paying per session, month, semester, or academic year. 

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Free cancellation

If you've booked too many sessions in advance, you can easily end your package early. All unconsumed sessions will be refunded and without any hidden fees or additional costs. 

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Payment methods

To make booking procedures easier, you can choose to pay for your sessions online (credit card or debit card), or in cash through third party merchants (ex: Fawry).

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Find out what previous learners have said about their personal experience with a tutor prior to selecting your own. Each tutor profile has a section where you can read reviews and leave your own after sessions are completed.

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Discount packages

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Do you have siblings that also need sessions? Need support in more than one school subject? Find a package that suits your case and get monthly discounts. 

If for any reason you are not continuing with the tutor you had initially selected or started with, our educational team will help provide you with a replacement. 

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Holistic Learning Experience

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Each learner is different; that's why we provide a diverse array of services to help create the most optimal, efficient and personalized learning journey.

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Find a course nearby or online to for the full benefits of social learning. In group environments, students are led by a teacher who moderates group discussions and encourages confidence while learning the core skills of each lesson. 

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Watch tutorials and videos that walk you through step by step explanations for free. This self-paced learning approach helps students learn by listening and trying for themselves. 

Coming soon...

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Book a private tutor to help focus on your individual performance in any school subject. These sessions allow for one-on-one attention, immediate feedback and improve confidence and positive attitutde towards learning. 

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Free quiz games are available to test a learner's knowledge and comprehension while gamifying the experience through points, rankings and leaderboards.