Safety and Security 



Who are Orcas Tutors/Babysitters?

Orcas tutors and babysitters are young, motivated and experienced adults who graduated from international schools and universities in Egypt or abroad. The tutors went to the same school systems as your child(ren) and may have even had the same teachers.


Why should I get a Tutor through orcas? 

Sometimes, it's easier to bond with kids if you've been through similar experiences. Especially if it wasn't too long ago. Orcas is a platform that gives parents the access to  young adults that can help their kids with their homework, their exams, time management and most importantly, help them prepare for the school year, upping their grades and applying the school material to real life.

You can easily scroll through all the available experienced and trained tutors, look at their bios and pick one that matches your child best at the click of a button.


Furthermore, Orcas handles all the payments so tracking sessions is extremely easy. Payments can either be paid via credit-card, or a courrier can be paid directly in cash at the comfort of your doorstep.


In the case of any difficulties or complications, Orcas also has a service team available to handle any inconveniences. This includes finding a better suited tutor if the child is not reaching their full potential with the current one


How do I choose a Tutor/Babysitter?

Through our app, you will be able to choose from a diverse array of experienced and trusted tutors and babysitters.


You will find the option to filter your search results based on what school system they graduated from, whether they live nearby, what their hourly rate is and more.


How does Orcas pick the partners available on the app?

Our tutors and babysitters go through a very rigorous filtering process before becoming visible to you through our app.


Online Application


 First, tutors and babysitters fill out an elaborate application form online through which they are scored and move to the following step.


After that, our Partners Team carefully evaluate the answers given. This includes examining their academic history, their bachelors or masters degrees, their work experience, their extracurricular activities and more. Additionally, proof of documentation is required where necessary.


Training & Interview 

The training session equips them knowledge of the requirements, procedures and guidance on dealing with various situations. Throughout this training session, the candidate’s eligibility is evaluated through their responses, their participation, preparation and qualification. Only after they have successfully completed all of these rounds of assessments, are they able to become tutors or babysitters.


Sumbiting Police Records &

picture of National ID

The profiles on the application are not activated unless the partner has handed in their national ID, to help us ensure safety. 


Where can I see other parents’ feedback on a specific Tutor/Babysitter?

To make our service transparent, all parents have access to the reviews and ratings other clients have left on individual partners (babysitters, tutors of Discovery-partners).





While scrolling through our app, you will be able to click on profiles and read them all. You will also be able to leave your own comment after sessions are completed.


Where does the Tutoring/Babysitting take place?

The services usually take place in the comfort of your home. However, you are free to choose any other location. You and the babysitter or tutor will be put into contact to arrange when you would like them to be present and for how long. Orcas does not provide the space for the tutoring or babysitting.

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