Tutor Levels & Pricing


When scrolling through the tutor profiles on the Orcas app, you'll notice that prices vary. Here is a brief overview along with the different services Orcas provides. 


Tutor Levels

Orcas categorizes tutors into groups: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. If a tutor has not yet completed a certain amount of tutoring hours, they will be labeled as Bronze Tutors. This simply means that they have not received enough reviews from parents or they have not logged enough hours yet.


The quality of the tutor is not compromised. Tutors start off at bronze for a competitive edge between tutors that have already been on the app for a longer period of time. 

Silver Tutors have been tutoring for a longer period of time, while Gold Tutors most probably tutored a wider range of students.


The highest level a tutor can reach is Platinum. Platinum Tutors can set their own hourly rate as they as considered professionals who have achieved the highest title at Orcas. 


Apart from the variation in pricing when it comes to tutor's levels, prices also differentiate between school systems and grades. Below you'll find the pricing list based on the two factors:

Kindly note that these prices are effective starting November 3rd, 2020