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Level up your 
learning for free!

Go on interactive learning missions 
and train your brain while you play!

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Practice makes perfect. Get access to thousands of quizzes and questions that can help you study for free and improve your skills

How it works 

Create a learner profile

Start by setting the learner's grade, school system, and school name to personalize the learning experience to the learner. 

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 Who is learning today?

You can set up several learner profiles if you have brothers or sisters, but it’s important that the correct learner profile is selected while playing.

 Click on Missions

This is where the fun starts! Click on Missions to find quizzes and questions - and start learning.

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Click on the subject 

Once you've selected the subject that you want to practice, you’ll find the entire learning path of the academic year mapped out. 

A.  Find the unit you want to study
B. Select the lesson you want to practice 
C. Start completing missions!

See your report

With every quiz you complete, you’ll get points for all the questions you answered correctly. You can compare your scores to your friends in each subject’s leaderboard. 

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Challenge your friends 

Every question you answer gives you points. You can see your score on the leaderboard and the ranking among your peers!

Orcas Education Team has put together a question bank with over 30,000 practice questions that are free for everyone to use. The Orcas application currently has 30 different learning paths across different grades and subjects. The questions are grouped in the form of quizzes, and appear according to each student's grade and school system curriculum, making it easy for students, parents and teachers to target learning objectives for improved learning outcomes. Learning paths are created by experienced subject specialists and in reference to the updated versions of national and international curricula. In creating the British school system learning paths, the Cambridge and the National curriculum of England and Wales frameworks were referred to.

Ready to start playing?

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