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Partner Growth Coordinator

Lahore, Pakistan

Job Type

Fulltime Job

About the Role



Recruiting partners (tutors):

Build and optimize supply funnels.
Attracting suitable candidates through databases, online employment forums, social media, etc.
Conducting interviews and filtering applicants to fill open positions.
Assessing applicants' knowledge, skills, and experience to best suit open positions.
Build a tutor database of suitable candidates
Perfect a sales pitch for attracting strong tutors
Developing and adjusting the product offering for tutors to maximize number of strong tutor applicants
Manage tutor communication outlets on social media and other platforms to ensure a strong company branding for tutors
Create new ways of tutor recruiting

On-boarding partners:

Facilitating an onboarding training for new tutor partners
Continuously upgrading and improving the tutor training
Collecting, reviewing, and archiving all required documents
Scaling and automating the tutor onboarding process
Own the tutor application form on Zoho and the website
Detailing new tutors’ initial tasks and answering any queries.
Emailing new partners with details about the company.
Staying up to date with innovative and creative ways of onboarding new partners.

Tutor Operations:

Own tutor customer support
Coordinate with accounting tutor earnings redemption operations
Ensure implementation of the tutor policy
Update and upgrade the tutor policy
Suggest product improvements for the tutor app
Facilitate the online classroom for tutors
Ensure a smooth and friendly tutor experience with Ops

Managing Community:

Organizing and planning webinars.
Overviewing communication between customer support and partners.
Ensure general satisfaction of tutors
Increase tutor loyalty towards the Orcas brand
Create a culture of knowledge sharing between tutors
Empower tutors to share feedback, concerns, and criticism to improve their experience

For Contact

Please send us your CV at and make sure to write “Partner Growth Coordinator Pakistan Vacancy” in the email subject line.


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