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Marketplace Manager

Cairo, Egypt

Job Type

Full time Job

About the Role

The Marketplace Manager will be responsible for the data driven tutor hiring, onboarding, tracking and retention processes.


A minimum of 4 years of experience in operations management, and people management (hiring, training, onboarding). A background in the education field, and with teachers is a plus. Previous experience with a tech startup is a plus. Good with making sense of big data, in using data analysis tools (tableau, Excel, Google sheets) and creating Dashboards. Fluent in English and Arabic. Data driven and results oriented person. Excellent communication skills and a strong problem solver.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Tutor Hiring:

Develop the strategy upon which the hiring and selection of Orcas Tutors will be followed.
Develop the criteria (persona and qualifications) upon which the tutor selection will be based on.
Identify the tutor-subject, location/zones, to be hired based on the market need/demand (Creation of heat maps).
Develop a comprehensive hiring and selection process for tutors that includes but is not limited to, profile filtration, interviews, and reference checks.
Take all measures to ensure the continuous flow of qualified and available tutors on Orcas Application.

Tutor Onboarding:

Create a comprehensive onboarding process that ensures the tutor is fully aware of Orca's product, process, and how to navigate the use of the application.
Create content and train tutors on different aspects related to company and client expectations, and our educational vision and methodology.
Continuously improve the training content and the process of tutor onboarding.

Tutor Tracking:

Develop tools to collect necessary data about the tutors and ensure data collected is valid and clean.
Continuously analyze data and provide insights on tutor trends, preferences, and demands.
Share insights with other department heads and drive strategy adjustment accordingly.
Improve the tutor-product experience in collaboration with the product team.
Create performance metrics for tutors.
Track and monitor tutor performance and take appropriate actions accordingly (e.g. freezing the low performance tutors from the App, incentivize high performers).
Investigate any performance issues coming from tutors and work on resolving it.
In cooperation with the tutor support team, handle any tutor cases that need special treatment.
Guide the tutor support team to achieve their KPIs.

Tutor Retention:

Design and maintain the communication channels between Orcas and the Tutor.
Engage inactive Tutors with Orcas (Tutors who haven’t been doing sessions, or are doing very small amounts of sessions) to work more hours with Orcas.
Develop and implement multiple tracks for tutors’ development.
Find ways to incentivize and keep high performance tutors motivated to work with Orcas.

If you are interested and you see yourself doing the above Job description, then please send us your CV at and we will get back to you.

Work conditions:
Reports to: Head of Education
Department: Education
Contract type: Full-time contract.
Location: Office and home-based, Zamalek, Egypt.
Probation period: 3 months probation.

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