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Orcas has free practice questions that I can assign my students ⁉️

What is the Homework Feature?

Quizzes that were prepared by Orcas tutors are associated with the lessons in each learning path. Every learning path has units and lessons, every lesson has 3 quizzes and each quiz has 10 questions 

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What are the types of questions? 

All questions are multiple-choice 

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How is the quiz graded?  

There is only 1 correct answer for each question. If the question is answered correctly, the student gets points.  

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How can I assign Homework to the student? 

While adding your session details to the package, click on Select Homework, and choose one or more quizzes. 

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Where do students receive the assigned homework? 

On their mobile application. 

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How can I view the solved homework for my students?

In your package details, click on Homework to see the quiz and the students’ answers 

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Is the homework feature available for all students? 

As of now, homework is only available for the British School System and the National System. We’re working on adding more. 

Why do I need to assign Homework from Orcas? 

Orcas is launching in the UAE soon. 

Only our top tutors will get the opportunity to teach students from global countries. We will be very selective in choosing these tutors based on specific criteria:

1. You update your package with details on which lessons were covered in the session. 
2. You assign practice questions on the app after each session
3. Your student actively completes their homework on the app 


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