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Intro to Web Development 

By Mr. Mohamed Aladdin 

The student will be able to build a responsive and modern website

Available for all ages
Private Course 1 Student/ Teacher 
Online Live Sessions 
20 Sessions

Mr. Mohamed will guide you toward taking your first step in learning the fundamental principles of web development.

You will learn how to create a website that not only looks great but also functions seamlessly across all devices. From basic HTML and CSS to advanced techniques like responsive design and mobile optimization, your child will gain a comprehensive understanding of the web development process.

Course Details


Level 1: Basics of HTML And How to use a code editor

After completing this level, you will have a strong understanding of HTML and its various elements, structures, forms, tables, and semantic features, as well as the ability to use a code editor effectively.

Level Duration:  10 Hours

 2751 EGP


Level 2: Basics of CSS, JavaScript, and Jquery

After completing this level, you will have a strong understanding of CSS and its syntax, selectors, display, positioning, colors, and typography, as well as the basics of Javascript including variables, functions, loops, conditions, and interacting with jQuery.

Level Duration:  19 Hours

4951 EGP


Level 3: Basics of Bootstrap and build a demo responsive website 

After completing this level, you will have the skills to create a responsive website using Bootstrap, including an understanding of the fundamentals, grid system, buttons, and containers, and be able to apply this knowledge to create a final demo website.

Level Duration:  12 Hours

3300 EGP







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NOTE* The course outline and duration can be customized based on the specific needs and requirements of the students 

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